Pet Snails Part II

A box for raising young snails.

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The raising box for young snails. [RN]

While the adult snails live in a larger terrarium, we made a small scale terrarium for the juveniles in a box about the size of a 3,5 inch floppy disk. This box was about half filled with earth and a hole dug with the hand. One or two egg batches were taken from the larger terrarium and carefully placed in this hole, which was then covered with old leaves. The box was then held moist, but not wet, by spraying it once a day with a spray can.

Some weeks later we were rewarded by most juveniles hatching. First they were fed with cucumber pieces and also received egg shell as lime source.

About a fortnight later, the young already are fed complete cucumber slices, which, of course, must be removed sooner, as the young snails eat much less than the adults.

The raising box is covered with a perforated lid, which the tiny juvenile snails can neither remove nor escape.

As long, as they are tiny, the juvenile snails will stay in their own little terrarium. Later they will share their parents' terrarium, or even set them free in nature.