Terrestrial Pulmonate Snails (Stylommatophora)

Simplified Systematic Display of Families Described on this Homepage

Only families native to Europe are displayed!

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Order Suborder Infraorder Superfamily Family Common name
Stylommatophora Orthurethra Cochlicopoidea Cochlicopidae Pillar snails
Pupilloidea Pupillidae Chrysalis snails
Vertiginidae Whorl snails
Valloniidae Grass snails
Enoidea Enidae Bulin snails
Sigmurethra Clausilioinei Clausilioidea Clausiliidae Door snails
Succineoinei Succineoidea Succineidae Amber snails
Achatinoinei Oleacinoidea Oleacinidae Predator snails
Testacelloidea Testacellidae Shell slugs
Punctoidea Punctidae Dot snails
Patulidae Disc snails
Arionoinei Gastrodontoidea Gastrodontidae
Euconulidae Hive snails
Oxychilidae True glass snails
Pristilomatidae Crystal snails
Zonitoidea Zonitidae True glass snails
Parmacelloidea Trigonochlamydidae
Limacoidea Vitrinidae Glass snails
Limacidae Keel back slugs
Agriolimacidae Field slugs
Helicoidea Hygromiidae Leaf snails
Helicodontidae Cheese snails
Bradybaenidae Bush snails
Helicidae Helicid snails
Arionoidea Arionidae Round back slugs

Table of systematics, including exotic groups.